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An Expert’s Guide: Are Full Mouth Dental Implants Safe for Kids?

Losing all of your teeth is a terrifying prospect for anyone, but it is especially terrifying for a youngster. After all, they are still maturing and can be extremely self-conscious about their appearance. So are full-mouth dental implants safe for children
I have been a full-mouth dental implant specialist for almost 27 years and have seen a wide range of cases. Karim, a young boy, was one of the most tragic instances I have encountered. Due to a rare condition, Karim had lost all of his teeth. But the nicest thing is that he feels like a normal kid for the first time in a long time. Are you ready to know the secret behind Karim’s big smile? Here I will discuss whether full-mouth dental implants are safe for kids and their alternatives. So let’s start: 

What Are Full-Mouth Dental Implants?

Full-mouth dental implants are similar to being given a second chance at a smile. They are a permanent solution for missing teeth that can restore your ability to eat, communicate, and feel confident.

Are Full-Mouth Dental Implants Safe or Risky for a Child?

Want your kid to have a smile that is out of this world? Dental implants are a great option for adults, but not so much for kids. That is because their jaws are still growing, and implants could interfere with their development. But don't worry, there are plenty of other ways to give your kid a smile they will love, just like Karim got back his big smile!


What are the Risks of Placing Full-Mouth Dental Implants in Kids?

Imagine you're a superhero. You've got all the powers you need to save the day, but there's one thing you can't do: grow your own teeth. That's the dilemma facing many kids who need dental implants.

1. While implants can be a great way to replace missing teeth, they're not without risks. For one thing, placing implants in a child's jawbone can disrupt the natural growth process. It's like planting a tree in a garden before the soil is ready.

2. Another risk is emotional attachment. Kids often form strong bonds with their baby teeth. They might even give them names! So, replacing a child's natural teeth with implants can be a difficult decision, both for the child and the parents.


What is the Alternative to Full-Mouth Dental Implants for a Child?

There are plenty of alternatives to full-mouth dental implants for kids. The most suggested dental implant options are:
  • Removable partial dentures: 
These are similar to ordinary dentures, except they are designed specifically for children. They are removable, so your child can wash your teeth and clean them with them.
  • Bonded bridges: 
These are bridges that are held in place by a specific glue. Bridges are more stable than removable partial dentures but less stable than dental implants.
  • Snap-on dentures: 
These are dentures that are attached to a child’s natural teeth. They're a good alternative if they only have a few missing teeth.
  • Smile appliances:
These are technologies that can help a child improve their smile and straighten their bite. They are not an alternative to teeth, but they can help make your smile appear more genuine. 
I knew that dental bridges were the best option for Karim. Dental bridges are false teeth that are held in place by the teeth on each side of the gap. 
After his surgery, he can now smile without feeling self-conscious, and he has begun to engage in school plays and other activities that he previously ignored.

How to Choose the Best Dental Implantologist for Your Child?

  • Consider requirements as per your child’s needs:
Before looking for a dental implantologist to fix your child’s missing teeth, sit down and define your needs by asking yourself questions like:

1. What types of dental implants do you need?

2. Do you require dental implants to restore all of your missing teeth?

3. Are you looking for a single implant or a series of implants? 

4. How much do temporary teeth for a child cost?

Once you determine your needs, you may start looking for an expert with experience in your specific circumstance. 
  • Find a Board-Certified specialist:
Remember that your child’s delicate and clean smile needs the care of a specialist! A board-certified implantologist is a sure sign that they have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with high-quality care.
  • Find the best city for dental implants:
When it comes to selecting the ideal city or town for your dental implant, nothing matches a city or town with the most contemporary technological facilities, such as Bangalore. The top dental implantologists in Bangalore are quite capable at their work and have already established themselves as the primary dental care centre for such a large number of qualified professionals. 

The Most Trusted Dental Implant Specialist - Vishwannath Hiremath

the designation of Dr. Vishwannath Hiremath, the top full-mouth dental implantologist
As a dental implantologist for the past 27 years, my goal has always been to provide the best possible treatment to my patients. With that passion, I have conducted general treatments as well as surgical operations on the face, jaw, and other body locations.
I am proud to have been recently selected as the "Best Consultant Dentist in South India" for 2019 as well as the "Best Consultant Dentist and Maxillofacial Surgeon in South India" for 2021. These awards are a testament to my dedication to my patients and my commitment to providing the highest quality of care.

Top Reasons to Choose Dr. Vishwannath Hiremath

  • Use modern equipment and techniques:
My work reflects my ethics, as I am committed to providing my patients with the best possible care, and I use the latest technology and techniques in dental implantology. This ensures that Karim and all my patients receive the most natural-looking and long-lasting results that they wish for.
  • Patient and compassionate:
When Karim first came to visit me, he was tremendously frightened to talk to me. There, I understood how he might be feeling, and I calmly handled him with care and took the time to explain the full-mouth dental implant procedure to his parents’ questions.
  • Provide a full variety of dental implant services:
Here you will be provided with the entire full-mouth dental implant cost, including consultation and examination, surgery, and post-operative care. This ensures that my patients receive the treatment they require from beginning to end.
  • High rate of success: 
As the top dental implantologist, keeping a high success rate in all cases is my target, which I have achieved! I have a high success rate with dental implants, and Karim’s patient showed the exact same trust in me to get their son back just the way he used to be. 

What are the Other Happy Patients Saying?



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age for dental implants?

Adults between the ages of 24 and 64 with healthy gums and enough jawbone volume to successfully integrate an artificial root are the best candidates for implants.

Can a 14-year-old get dental implants?

Because jaw growth continues until the age of 18 in many situations, it is recommended that patients with missing teeth begin treatment as soon as they are 18-20 years old.

How safe are full-mouth dental implants?

Dental implants can significantly improve a person's general health and quality of life. However, problems do arise from time to time.

What is the success rate of a full-mouth implant?

In most circumstances, a full-mouth implant has a success rate of over 95%. This indicates that full-mouth implants will be successful for the vast majority of people and will last for many years. However, various factors, including the patient's overall health, the quality of the bone, and the surgeon's ability, can alter the success rate of full-mouth implants.


You saw the life-changing impact of dental care in restoring a child's smile and self-confidence in Karim's wonderful story. My devotion and expertise have demonstrated that there are alternatives to full-mouth dental implants for children, giving parents facing similar issues hope. 

If your child is missing teeth, keep in mind that a caring professional can be the key to restoring their brilliant smile and assuring a brighter, happier tomorrow. 

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