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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Bangalore?

According to a survey conducted by a Swiss Biocare company in major urban cities in India, more than 70% of the people surveyed admitted to teeth loss from ages 45 and above. Indians have been losing teeth after 45 years of age at an alarming rate. The causes vary from tooth decay, to injuries and various other diseases. While there are temporary fixes like dentures and bridges available, they do not provide a permanent or complete solution. They can be a hassle to maintain and do not overcome major difficulties faced due to loss of teeth. This is where dental implants play a vital role where they restore most of the functions of natural teeth. Hence, there has been a growing popularity of dental implant surgery in Bangalore. A dental implant is a screw-like prosthetic that is placed in the jawbone in place of the missing tooth. Dental implants act like the roots of teeth. A crown is then fixed upon the implant and the entire tooth like structure is secured. They act just like natural teeth, providing about 90% of the comfort and functions of a real tooth as compared to dentures, that only provide about 10% of the same. There are numerous medical centers offering competitive dental implants cost.

Importance of Dental Implants

Missing teeth are a discomfort due to reduced oral functionality, altered speech, problems in pronunciation and defaced appearance. All the disabilities mentioned above can be an obstacle in the day-to-day activities of any individual. It can hamper productivity and cause a lack of self esteem in many. In order to restore lost teeth and its functionality, a more permanent solution is necessary. Temporary solutions like dentures and bridges have been used in the past but they are not very effective. They restore only 10% of the functions of teeth. Also, they need to be constantly maintained and looked after. On the contrary, dental implants are a permanent and hassle free solution that give about 90% of the functions of teeth. They are secure and long-lasting and do not require tedious care like dentures. You can find one of the best dental implant treatment in Bangalore. Dr Vishwanath Hiremath, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with more than two decades of experience, offers excellent treatment in dental implants. You go from no teeth to full set of teeth in 72 hours. Dental implants help restore major functions of teeth while correcting impairment in speech/pronunciation. Missing teeth can lead to altered speech and difficulty in pronunciation. Dental implants help fill in the gap and restore normal speech. They also enhance the appearance of an individual and provide for an aligned denture. Missing teeth can cause a degraded oral and facial outlook that may take an emotional toll on the individual. Adding an implant restores oral structure and facial outlook. There are various consultations available for dental implant online. It is very important to have a permanent solution to tooth loss that does not hamper or delay your productivity on a daily basis. Dentures require a lot of maintenance. They have to be regularly cleaned, washed and stored while not in use. With modern work schedule and pace of life, it is very difficult to maintain a daily denture routine. Implant and the crown for your denture can be customised and made to fit you like a glove. The right shape and size will give you increased efficiency.The procedure does not require waiting time and is executed without any cuts, sutures or bone grafts. Dental implants are long-lasting and do not need constant change or investment. They are of a permanent nature and serve as artificial teeth that help you eat and chew easily.

Cost of Dental Implants in Bangalore

With the availability of dental implants, people can now have a better replacement for lost teeth. There are numerous individuals who opt for dental implants for the benefits as well as the affordable dental implants cost. The procedure does not take up a lot of time and with the advancement of medical technologies and its availability the implants come at a cost that is not completely burdensome. This has encouraged people to go forward with the treatment and overcome their oral disabilities. There are numerous dental centers in Bangalore offering a range of budget for dental implants. The ones made locally are cheaper than the ones imported from abroad. The average cost ranges between Rs.15000-Rs.75000. The cost may also depend upon the quality, quantity and brand of the implants. Full mouth dental implants are the costliest as the entire denture had to be implanted.

Our Dental Implants Service

Dr. Vishwannath Hiremath is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with more than 25 years of experience in modern dentistry. He has experience with all major types of surgeries, including facial jaw surgery, cosmetic procedures, and general treatments. He was recently named "Best Consultant Dentist and Maxillofacial Surgeon in South India" in 2021. He is the founder and chairman of "Dr. Hiremath Hospitals" and "Dr. Hiremath Dental Artistry". One of his major expertise lies in dental implants. Dr Hiremath is one of the best dental implants specialists and offers specialised treatment in the same. With more than two decades in practice, he is an expert when it comes to implants and offers the best when it comes to oral health. The dental implants offered by him are of German origin and possess a high quality. They are long-lasting and secure to provide prolonged support.He provides dental implants for patients of all ages, from to adults. The procedure is carefully executed to ensure proper placement of the implant and the secure attachment of the crown. Having treated thousands of patients in his lifetime, Dr Hiremath has mastered the art of dental implantology. His expertise and experience benefit his patients when it comes to complex treatments. Dr Hiremath offers dental implants in 72 hrs at his dental implants center, which is not only time-saving but also secure. Having been in the field of dentistry his entire professional career, Dr Hiremath acknowledges and recognises the importance of competitive and excellent dental implant treatment and care. India is a country with major dental issues, with thousands of people suffering with missing teeth, and Dr Vishwanath Hiremath is here to combat just that with his decades of unmatched experience and expertise.

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