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Latest Dental Implant Technologies in 2023

Just like mental and physical health, oral health is a matter of concern too. It was not spoken about as much as other health issues earlier. However there is a significant difference in peoples’ approach now-a-days.The dental field is developing everyday and is evolving with newer technologies. India is also at a good pace in adopting these newer technologies. One of them is Dental Implant. Let us discuss a brief overview of dental implants in India-

What are Dental Implants?

When a person’s tooth goes missing, a dental implant is required. It is a technique where a medical device is implanted into the jaws to prevent bone loss and to provide support to the new artificial tooh that helps in bringing back the ability to chew. It can also be used as an alternative for bridges, dentures, and crowns as these may sometimes lead to tooth decay . Implants can be a better alternative as they last longer than bridges or crowns since the titanium or zirconium oxide in the transplant gets blended with the jaw bone.

Types of Dental Implants

There are mostly three types of dental implants-Endosteal, Subperiosteal, and Zygomatic. Endosteal Implants- For endosteal implants the patient must have a healthy jawbone. In case of an unhealthy jawbone, a graft is needed to strengthen the jaw. Endosteal implants are shaped like a screw that is made of titanium. They are placed into the jawbone and are the most widely used implants. Subperiosteal Implants- When the patient does not have a natural jawbone or doesn’t want to get it through a bone augmentation procedure, the doctor recommends subperiosteal implants. The process involves putting a metal post under the gum. Zygomatic Implants- Zygomatic implants are suitable for patients with high upper jaw bone loss. The process involves placing zygomatic implants into the cheekbones which gives support to the upper jaw. The process is complex so the successful implantation of zygomatic implants calls for a skilled and trained dentist. Latest dental Implant Technology in 2023

CAD/CAM Technology

It is one of the latest technologies developed for a faster and more accurate implant. There are still many clinics that don’t follow this technology. Various doctors still rely on laboratories even though it is time taking. CAD means Computer Assisted Design and CAM mean Computer Assisted Manufacturing. The process involves taking a 3D picture inside of the mouth through a scanner. As per the 3D design, the software then generates a customized prosthesis.

Short Implants

The process is best suited for patients with an unhealthy jawbone. Earlier for implants, the patients used to need a healthy jawbone to support the screw. For an unhealthy jawbone, a graft was needed to strengthen the jaw which involved a lot of expenses. Short implants can best serve the purpose as they anchor into a jawbone which is atrophic and is less expensive compared to traditional implants.

3D Printed Implants

It is one of the emerging trends in dental implants. It can be used with CAD/CAM technology to get more accurate and customized implants. In this process, the implants can be constructed by the doctor as they have control over the material

Smart Dental Implants

The traditional implants had many disadvantages including infections and several gum diseases which are mainly caused by bacteria. To overcome these problems Smart Dental Implants were introduced which don’t generally allow the bacteria to grow. Moreover, it’s still in the early stage and needs further development.

Zirconia Implants

Though it’s one of the latest developments but it is rarely used. Zirconia has replaced titanium in the preparation of dental restorations because of its natural, tooth-like color and appearance.

Full Dental implant cost in India

The dental implant cost in India may vary according to the type of implants done and the brand used. It ranges from Rs 20000- Rs 90000 approximately. Oral health should always be taken care of and given top priority. Do visit Dr. Hiremath Hospital for successful dental implants. It uses latest technologies for dental implantation. The cost is also affordable as compared to other clinics and the full implant is done within 72 hours.

Criteria for getting endosteal dental implant
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